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24 Hours of Sun

24 x 100 % for 24 Hours of Sun

Want to generate your own solar power and are thinking about buying a photovoltaic system? But you are not quite sure which manufacturer you want to put your trust in?

Allow us to persuade you. On this page you will find a summary of 24 good reasons to join us on the path to our vision of 24 hours of sun, a world with 100% renewable energy.

Reasons 1 - 8

Responsible business and action both now and in the future. Always with a view towards the next generation; that has been our company’s underlying philosophy since it was founded by Günter Fronius in 1945. That is why our manufacturing area is committed to the responsible use of natural resources. For instance, all of our manufacturing sites in Austria are powered by renewable energy. In fact, the Sattledt site is even heated and cooled by one of the largest ice banks in Europe.
Exceptional support at all times: we provide you with the perfect tool for every photovoltaic system. Fronius Solar.web is the perfect companion for customers to manage and monitor their photovoltaic system, while Fronius Solar.wattpilot is the ideal solution for electric car owners. The app allows you to manage the charging process with just a few clicks anywhere and anytime. No matter whether this is with or without the photovoltaic system. This saves time and money. 
Sixty-five percent more Fronius inverters – up to 70,000 a month: To cover the demand for inverters and accelerate the energy revolution, we commissioned our new production lines in 2023. They were accommodated on a 70% larger production area, doubling the size of the manufacturing site in Sattledt (Austria). Hundreds of employees work here in a three-shift system, to supply the world with high-quality inverters. Find out more about our expansion.
We are not the only ones who are convinced by the quality of our products. Independent test institutes have also confirmed that buyers of Fronius products receive what they were promised. The German Innovation Award went to our Fronius Wattpilot Home 11 J. Other awards included the German Design Award and the smart E-Award. 
Fronius Solar Energy has never stood still ever since it was founded in 1992 and has been constantly evolving as a pioneer of solar technology. Our company was one of the first to believe in the power of the sun, and to research and advance solar technology. Today, after more than 30 years, we can draw on a wealth of experience. We know how to make the most of the power of the sun and have developed innovations that continue to have a huge impact on the solar technology industry. This expertise makes us a reliable partner for solar power projects. One thing is certain: We will continue to do everything we can to make the vision of 24 hours of sun and 100% renewable energy a reality.
Day after day, for more than four billion years, the sun has been sending us endless amounts of energy. All free. At Fronius, we want to make this energy available to everyone. After all, the intelligent use of our innovative Fronius products enables our customers to save on energy costs in the long run and paves the way towards energy independence. Away from grid current and fossil fuels towards self-sufficiency with renewable energy.
Founded in Europe, our company will continue to manufacture products with high quality and safety standards in our home country. We are proud of our fair working conditions and compliance with strict environmental standards. They guarantee responsible manufacturing with a future perspective. It also give us the lowest rating on the 5-point risk scale of the data analysis company Dun & Bradstreet. This means that Fronius is here to stay and guarantees the greatest possible certainty for forward-looking photovoltaic system planning, including long-term service.
Defined breaking point? Not with our products! We develop, design, and manufacture our products with great love and care so that they meet our uncompromising quality standards and generate enjoyment and solar power for as long as possible. We are proud of our advanced active cooling technology, which extends the service life of Fronius inverters and minimizes power losses at high temperatures. What’s more, the ability to repair our units thanks to the interchangeability of individual components makes maintenance work much easier and faster. Together with our digital tools and a global partner network for any service cases, we let nothing stand in the way of a long inverter service life.